“A changed working environment affects people and therefore the core of your organisation.”

Our vision:

People are central: support and participation are crucial.

  • Change is a logical evolution and therefore a constant learning process for every organisation;
  • The nature of the change and the rationale and content of the change will be different for every organisation, resulting in the need for a customised approach;
  • Change management: change can lead to uncertainty; managing and structuring the process is the key to success;
  • Change is a verb: modified behaviour is the least obvious but most important link in the chain.

Our stage-by-stage plan

VISION: discover strategy and culture
NEEDS: analyse and inventorise
SCOPE: map out the content and impact of the change
CONCEPT: develop the workplace concept and work processes
TRANSITION: get involved in and prepare for the change
EMBEDDING: the change becomes a reality

Our tools & methods:

Workshops & interviews
Workplace scan & profile analysis
Change Plan
Workplace game & workplace matrix
Communication Plan
Education & training

Do you feel that something needs to change in your current working environment, but you don’t know exactly what? Or do you already know more or less what you want, but you don’t know how to start or how to get your management or colleagues on board? We will be happy to explore your specific needs during an initial meeting and will draw up a no-obligation proposal for you.


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