Circular approach

The Circular Economy (CE) is not a hype. It is a new economic model where more can literally happen with less. Nnof works according to circular principles.

A circular office set-up has numerous advantages:

  • Less CO2 (up to 90% in some cases)
  • Less waste
  • Fewer new raw materials
  • Lower cost including the following study
  • The same and often better results as regards quality and look & feel
  • More local employment

Concrete application of environmental measures in the workplace: team involvement is increased.

We are not only strong in the area of transformation; we are also committed to the whole process of advising as regards change and taking on a new office location with multiple new functions (including project work, self-directed teams, results-oriented leadership, and so on). Our change specialists have supported many customers, both large and small, such as D’Ieteren, Sonaca, Dow, City of Mechelen, the Flemish Government, Deloitte, Spadel and the like.

Total package of services

Nnof forms part of a larger group of companies, PMC Holding, and also part of the Vebego group (with the enterprise Care and Assist in Belgium). The services we offer, therefore, have the potential to link up easily with the services provided by our sister companies. You as the customer are offered one-stop shopping, which promotes a smooth and efficient operation. For example, in addition to signing up for a plan, or assistance with a change process, you can also entrust the removal and cleaning services to our team.

A customised team is assembled on each occasion on the basis of the desired requirements and skills and receives the necessary back-up as the project comes together or approaches completion. A single contact person will be appointed to coordinate the project and answer any questions.

Independent and down-to-earth approach

The Nnof team comprises 28 experienced professionals responsible for developing a construction or renovation project on the basis of sustainability principles (minimal waste, super-efficient use of space, maximum re-use). We have genuine field experts too – people who know what such a process of change requires in terms of internal organisation. In the past they have been on the other side fully engaged in each phase of the project. They know what the internal organisation requires during such a change process.

A third advantage relates to design, which is always based on the feasibility and adaptability of a building. It needs of course to look professional and smart, but above all it must be efficient in terms of facilities and HR. This is absolutely key where Nnof is concerned!

Lastly, Nnof guarantees its independence in terms of the market. We do not seek or obtain any commissions from subcontractors who work for us. This means genuinely independent advice, and for you as the customer a lower end price for materials. If you have your own preferences as regards suppliers, that is absolutely fine by us. You decide who we work with.