“A design based on needs and strategy supports sustainable changes and raises efficiency to a higher level.”


Our vision:

Your office environment is a resource that can support your strategic objectives.

  • A new office environment is usually not an end in itself but a resource that supports and even stimulates strategic change;
  • A well-thought-out working environment promotes the welfare of people;
  • Your office environment is an important means of communication. Because it says a lot about your organisation;
  • The right atmosphere reinforces the image and message you want to put across.

Our stage-by-stage plan:

  • VISION & NEED: listening and understanding
  • PRELIMINARY DESIGN: schematic presentation to be tested against your vision and needs
  • MACROPLAN: recording the logical zoning in the plan
  • MICROPLAN: detailed lay-out plan
  • VISUALISATION: look & feel visual presentation using mood boards, 3D images, mock-ups, etc.

Do you want an office environment which fits in better with the image of your organisation? Or could you do with advice as regards setting up? … We will be happy to explore your specific needs during an initial meeting and will create a no-obligation proposal for you.


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