“An attractive working environment that is bursting with activity, both inside and out.”

Businesses have recently, and quite rightly, begun paying more attention to their internal environment and to the welfare of workers in industrial and office spaces. More and more organisations these days are also recognising the importance of attending to external spaces and upgrading the natural environment surrounding commercial buildings.

Making your business site greener and encouraging the biodiversity of native species entails numerous advantages and a raft of positive consequences.

Life stimulates life… 1+1 = 3!

Stimulating biodiversity is all about offering as many native and local species as possible increased chances of survival by providing them with the food and habitat that they need. Human beings have taken over more and more land through urbanisation and industrialisation to the detriment of the natural environment. Today we know that promoting the natural environment while making such use of land is perfectly possible. Swap your sterile box hedge for native flowering and fruiting bushes, trees and hedges. Turn your grey façade into a vertical wall garden or cover your roof with a green carpet of sedum or a field of flowers. This will create a flourishing habitat where varied species of both fauna and flora will find a home, automatically attracting other species, which in turn play a role in maintaining the natural balance. If the balance is right, then all you need to do is watch and admire. The ecosystem largely maintains itself and this reduces management and maintenance to a minimum.

Advantages for your organisation

  • Easier management and cheaper maintenance
  • Green image / Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship
  • Pleasant environment for outside activities (meetings, breaks, walking about, etc.)
  • Positive effect on health and welfare of employees (movement, air quality, etc.)
  • Stimulating dynamism and creativity

Our services

  • Inventorising and monitoring species that are present
  • Design and planting plan that fits your organisation
  • Implementing the work; you are also free to choose your own contractor
  • Management plan
  • Implementing the management; you are also free to choose your own contractor
  • Continuous monitoring on the ground if required

Sustainability is in our DNA. It was a logical step for us to advise our clients on upgrading their business site as an extension to fitting out sustainable business spaces.

Do you know what species are naturally present in your area, why you should install an insect hotel, how to install and maintain a pond, what plants to use or how to create a haystack in order to process your flower clippings?

Do you want to bring your business site to life? Bee welcome… and contact us for an exploratory meeting.


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